The stainless steel water bottle is used to carry your favorite drinks at the right temperature with you during the day. The thermal bottles work like a thermos and are ideal for maintaining the perfect temperature of hot or cold drinks. The steel thermal flasks are an eco-sustainable product, as they are non-polluting, long-lasting and suitable for 1000 uses.

For sport , work and leisure ... spice stainless steel thermal bottles are designed to offer a practical transport solution for your favorite drinks, hot and cold throughout the day, not just water. The stainless steel bottle, thanks to an internal insulation system, manages to preserve the temperature of the liquids for a long time, so that they can be enjoyed for a long time at the desired temperature.

They are ideal for those who practice aerobic and anaerobic sports activities , for the office, for shopping, a day at the beach. By purchasing a food-grade stainless steel bottle you will help protect the environment by reducing the production and dispersion of plastic. Color your days with a useful, durable and functional accessory! The most comfortable, the most sought after, the most used for its practicality is the 500 ml stainless steel bottle. Alternatively there is the 750ml steel thermal bottle, for adults in particular (we all know that women drink a lot;)).

Amazon steel bottle: our thermal bottles are on sale on Amazon, available in different colors and sizes. You can buy them there, or save a little something by adding it to the cart of this shop.

Ebay stainless steel bottles: Spice electronics is also present on the Ebay Italia marketplace. In the bel B2C online showcase you can view this product and plan your next purchase for the coming season (be it summer or winter). Let's not forget that the steel bottles are real metal thermos with hermetic closure.

Ecological stainless steel bottles: respect the environment and you will see that this will respect the health of your children! How many times have we heard this phrase? On the other hand it is pure truth. and all social initiatives worldwide are taking important steps towards the ecological and plastic-free aspect of environmental sustainability. Starting with the steel bottles is no small thing, the goal is reached with small steps, with small daily contributions.

Steel water bottles for sports and trekking : how beautiful is nature? There are many ways to live it to the fullest and enjoy its fruits. One of these is hiking in the countryside and / or trekking. It is precisely when you detach yourself from the chaos and noises of everyday life that you really feel inside. Sports and meditation help the body to feed empathy with the environment towards a prolonged state of well-being.

The quality of the products is undisputed, difficult to find a fault ... Regarding practicality or "group" uses, Spice proposes the purchase of a pack consisting of 25 stainless steel water bottles: CLASSROOM. The savings are evident! If you organize trips to the mountains, a campsite in the hills, playful days on the beach and you have a class of children or people to manage better, steel water bottles are the right product for you. Hygienic and light, rechargeable for the whole day, easily stowed in the bag and ergonomic! Let's say STOP to plastic , buy the 500ml and 750ml bottles under the #spice brand.

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